1) Edge/cloud deep learning systems for industrial applications; 2) Real-time 3D view synthesis using Neural Radiance Field models

From the IEEE Signal Processing Society, for outstanding editorial board service for the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing

Topic: Hyperspectral data processing and sensor fusion for scene understanding

Listen to them discuss sensor fusion, sensors, weather and environmental conditions, and difficult corner cases

Thermal imaging to the rescue, radar advancing at rapid pace and handling the complexity of automotive sensor fusion

Cooperative Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Driving

IPI currently has 1 vacancy: a senior researcher position

Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Fusion and Classification

Hiep Luong and colleagues talk about the use of hyperspectral cameras in crop management and laparoscopic surgery

The team from IPI-UGent have won a 10,000 Danish Krone (~1300 euro) cash prize for the paper Cross-Modality Attention and Multimodal …

IPI researcher Brian Booth discusses the icon Vision-in-the-Loop project results - KanaalZ video, press release, and news articles.

IPI researcher Asli Kumcu is a Special Issue Guest Editor. Deadline for manuscript submissions is 15 November 2022.

Fuelling tomorrow's innovation in the field of naval mine countermeasures, in a responsible way. MCM Lab is a collaborative R&D …

SafeNav will use innovative sensor setups, including cameras to solve the main challenge = to improve the detection performance in …

The team from IPI-UGent have won a 500 USD cash prize for the 'Quad-Bayer Re-mosaic' challenge track

Vision2Reuse project: Smart cameras for the automatic monitoring of the quality of reusable packaging

IPI professor Hiep Luong is a Special Issue Editor. Deadline for manuscript submissions is 15 November 2022.

iMatch (Image-based Material Characterization platform) and AM Platform (Additive Manufacturing platform)

The must-attend networking event if you need, offer, or are interested in R&D on Additive Manufacturing

Advanced sensor systems bring a future with zero road casualties

Results of the UGent, VITO, Suez, and Umicore collaboration within the CHARAMBA project (EIT Raw Materials)

IPI contributes a course on Sensor Fusion to AutoSens Academy, the world’s leading community for ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology …

IPI currently has 3 PhD vacancies with application deadlines in January and February 2022

IPI researcher Michiel Vlaminck and partners showcase the results of the icon Analyst-PV project with a webinar and article