Webinar: The Future of Solar Site Management

IPI researcher Michiel Vlaminck and partners showcase the results of the icon Analyst-PV project with a webinar and article

Monitoring systems continuously grant higher-level insight into the performance of the PV plant but can't provide the information to easily detect root causes and the exact location of a fault in the PV plant. Aerial infrared (IR) inspections can identify many anomalies at cell-level scales but lack insight into the fault's effect on energy production. Additionally, both methods typically require a manual setup of the digital twin to extract in-depth, actionable insights.

In the Analyst PV research project, several industry-leading partners joined forces to remedy these problems. Join us on a journey through our research towards the PV plant management of the future.

Learn more about:

  • Combining monitor system outputs with aerial infrared inspections in an accurate digital twin to help identify performance issues.
  • Automatically configuring your digital twin to reduce setup time and misconfiguration issues.
  • State of the Art Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase the efficiency and accuracy of fault detection and its impact on energy production.
  • The business case behind remedial actions for PV plants with different types of operational contracts.

Read the imec article: "Cost-effective management of solar cell parks" (in Dutch only).

Watch the webinar (in English). IPI research appears at about the 37 minute mark.

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