Wei-Yu Lee and colleagues win Best Paper Award at ECCV 2022

Congrats to Wei-Yu Lee, Ljubomir Jovanov, and Wilfried Philips!

The team from IPI-UGent have won a 10,000 Danish Krone (~1300 euro) cash prize for the paper Cross-Modality Attention and Multimodal Fusion Transformer for Pedestrian Detection.

The paper was presented at the Real-World Surveillance: Challenges and Applications’ workshop held on October 24 at ECCV 2022.

See the announcement here. The prize is sponsored by Milestone Systems A/S.

This work was funded by EU Horizon 2020 ECSEL JU research and innovation programme under grant agreement 876487 (NextPerception) and by the Flemish Government (AI Research Program).

You can also watch the winning talk on Youtube:

Image Processing and Interpretation