Watch the interviews of IPI professors Wilfried Philips & Jan Aelterman at AutoSens Brussels 2023

Listen to them discuss sensor fusion, sensors, weather and environmental conditions, and difficult corner cases

IPI professor Wilfried Philips discusses the latest trends in automotive sensing in an Autosens blog post

Thermal imaging to the rescue, radar advancing at rapid pace and handling the complexity of automotive sensor fusion

IPI researcher Danilo Babin contributes to AI algorithm that detects erosions, ankylosis with high accuracy in patients with sacroiliitis

The work has been published in European Radiology and covered by the press

De Bollebozen: Kan een camera het onzichtbare in beeld brengen? Making the invisible, visible.

Hiep Luong and colleagues talk about the use of hyperspectral cameras in crop management and laparoscopic surgery

Intelligent super-fast camera prevents errors in 3D printing

IPI researcher Brian Booth discusses the icon Vision-in-the-Loop project results - KanaalZ video, press release, and news articles.

IPI research on cooperative sensor fusion featured in EOS Science Special on Innovation and Sustainability

Advanced sensor systems bring a future with zero road casualties

From waste to resource thanks to characterization of waste streams

Results of the UGent, VITO, Suez, and Umicore collaboration within the CHARAMBA project (EIT Raw Materials)

Webinar: The Future of Solar Site Management

IPI researcher Michiel Vlaminck and partners showcase the results of the icon Analyst-PV project with a webinar and article

IPI research on automotive vision featured in FierceElectronics

Bringing pedestrian detection for autos to the next level: cooperative sensor fusion and automatic tone mapping

Air quality equals quality of life. The challenge: better air-quality mapping. IPI research featured in imec report.

Flemish technology research on fine-grained air-quality monitoring available to be embraced by government, citizens and industry

Simon Van den Bossche featured in spring edition of De Vlaamse Scriptie Krant

Simon Van den Bossche featured in spring edition of De Vlaamse Scriptie Krant

IPI research on automotive vision featured in Kanaal-Z

Vision algorithms for smart vehicles, both for intelligent driver assistance and autonomous vehicles