The IMultiple Lasers and Integrated Cameras for Increasing Trustworthy Yields (MultipLICITY) project aims to address the challenges of 3D printing, which is used to create a variety of products, from car parts to medical implants and custom-made tools. Unfortunately, a sizable percentage of these components still show defects, caused by insufficiently sophisticated quality monitoring of the printing process. The MultipLICITY project aims to improve the quality of 3D printed products, reduce waste, and save energy. ICON project, 9/2022 - 8/2024


Building Information Modelling (BIM) allows making elaborate, information-rich models of building designs. However, there is no easy way yet to couple these models to what is actually happening on-site, during a construction. The BoB project aims to create a 2-way link between BIM models and the actual building, improving building efficiency and avoiding costly errors IPI researches camera networks and cross-modal 3D matching to link on-site camera images with 4D BIM models to estimate construction progress in highly challenging environments. ICON project, 1/2022 – 12/2023


Holographic Skeletons for Wrist Surgery: The goal of HoloWrist is to use augmented reality to accurately show the location of a patient's wrist bones during surgery. This will be done by creating a hologram of the patient's wrist bones (e.g. from their CT scan) and using augmented reality headsets (e.g. Microsoft's HoloLens) to display the hologram on the patient's wrist. IPI's focus is on motion tracking to ensure the hologram is aligned to the patient throughout the surgery. FWO, 1/2022 – 12/2024

Flanders AI

Groundbreaking artificial intelligence research enabling a meaningful impact on people, industry and society. IPI researches real-time and power-efficient AI in the edge for various applications. National project (Flemish EWI), 7/2019 – present