Image and video quality enhancement

Topics High Dynamic Range imaging Denoising of time-of-flight depth images and sequences Multicamera image fusion Non-local image reconstruction Multiframe superresolution Demosaicing Error Concealment Wavelet-based denoising of images Non-local means denoising of images Restoration of historical videos Joint removal of blocking artifacts and resolution enhancement High Dynamic Range Imaging Conventional display and image capture technology is limited to a narrow range of luminosities and images associated with such systems have been retroactively called Low Dynamic Range images (LDR). A High dynamic Range (HDR) image on the other hand, refers to an image that encodes a greater range of brightness and luminosity than a reference LDR image. HDR images find a use in near-future, more capable display and camera systems. They allow to more faithfully match the visual impression of a scene to human vision compared to LDR images. Recent developments in so-called HDR televisions have yielded prototypes that can display peak luminosities in the range of 6000 nits.

Intelligent surveillance and sensor networks

Topics Networked sensors Sensor networks and methods for wellness monitoring of the elderly Collaborative Tracking in Smart Camera Networks Distributed Camera Networks Multi Camera Networks 3D reconstruction using multiple cameras Real-time video mosaicking Scene and human behavior analysis Foreground background segmentation for dynamic camera viewpoints Foreground/background segmentation Automatic analysis of the worker's behaviour Gesture Recognition Behaviour analysis Immersive communication by means of computer vision (iCocoon) Material Analysis using Image Processing Sensor networks and methods for wellness monitoring of the elderly Addressing the challenges of a rapidly-ageing population has become a priority for many Western countries. Our aim is to relieve the pressure from nursing homes’ limited capacity by pursuing the development of an affordable, round-the-clock monitoring solution that can be used in assisted living facilities. This intelligent solution empowers older people to live (semi-) autonomously for a longer period of time by alerting their caregivers when assistance is required.