Biological imaging

Medical and biological image processing

Topics Medical image analysis WaVelocity - Cardiovascular Image Analysis Software Robust Segmentation Methods for Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity Measurement Skeletonization and segmentation for cerebral vessel delineation Generalized profiling with application to arteriovenous malformation segmentation Segmentation of lung airways Skeletonization for best path calculation in 3-D MRI images of blood vessels Fast and memory-efficient 3D segmentation and morphology Focal Cortical Dysplasia (FCD) Detection in MRI Diffusion MRI data analysis and processing MRI segmentation of the developing newborn brain Medical image restoration Parallel MRI+compressive sensing Shearlet regularization for compressive sensing MRI Denoising of medical images Medical image/video quality assessment Medical image and video quality assessment Task-based QA using numerical model observers Task-based QA for interventional X-ray sequences DICOM calibration of medical stereoscopic displays Subjective QA in medical imaging Video latency in laparoscopic surgery Novel imaging techniques 3D Microwave tomography for breast tumor detection Biological imaging Automatic plant phenotyping using image analysis Estimation of objects' features in biological images Analysis of high-throughput screening of C.