autonomous vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles and Sensor Fusion

Topics Cooperative fusion for tracking of pedestrians from a moving vehicle Radar-Video sensor fusion LIDAR-Radar-Video sensor fusion Radar pedestrian detection using deep learning Multimodal vision 2D multi-modal video fusion for wide-angle environment perception Visible-thermal video enhancement for detection of road users Automotive High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging Classic multi-exposure HDR reconstruction Intelligent HDR tone mapping for traffic applications Learning-based HDR video reconstruction and tone mapping Efficient multi-sensor data annotation tool Point-cloud processing Fast Low-level Point-cloud processing Point-cloud based Object detection and tracking Environment mapping and odometry Liborg - Lidar based mapping LIDAR based odometry Monocular visual odometry Automotive occupancy mapping Obstacle detection based on 3D imaging Real-time sensor data processing for autonomous vehicles using Quasar - demo video Cooperative fusion for tracking of pedestrians from a moving vehicle Autonomous vehicles need to be able to detect other road users and roadside hazards at all times and in all conditions.

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