Past ICON projects

ANALYST PV: Integrated sensors and data analysis fault detection tools for photovoltaic plants, 2019–2021 (See the project results)

COSMO: Designing, developing, and evaluating effective, personalized, and scalable AR and VR technologies for support and training in manufacturing operations, 2019-2021

iPlay: Interactive sports platform for comprehensive, 3D monitoring of athletes, 2017-2019

ARIA: Augmented Reality for Industrial Maintenance Procedures, 2016-2018

BAHAMAS: A toolset for the processing, compression and analysis of big data in life and materials science applications, 2015-2016

HD2R: Creating Images with Higher Dynamic Range and Richer Colors for Cinemas and Living Rooms, 2015-2017

wE-MOVE: Games to improve children’s rehabilitation and fitness level, 2015-2016

GIPA: Laying the foundation for a generic, state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) platform, 2014-2015

FIAT: Unlocking the potential of ‘functional imaging’ to quantify tumor response to treatment earlier and more accurately, 2014-2015

Image Processing and Interpretation