ITF Belgium 2017

IPI researchers showcased some of their latest results at the ITF Belgium 2017 edition of the worldwide series of Imec Technology Forums held 16-17 May in Antwerp, Belgium. Four interactive demos were presented:

Efficient 3D Mapping Using Lidar Technology featuring LiBorg, a 3D mapping platform allowing on the fly building 3D models with minimal human intervention, bringing savings in time and money. Contact: ir. Michiel Vlaminck

Universal Sensor Fusion for Intelligent Surveillance, a universal solution allowing maximal flexibility in fusing image data captured by cameras of different wavelength bands and different modalities to ensure high computer vision performance. Contact: Ljubomir Jovanov

Classic Movies in High Dynamic Range converting classic video content to HDR to ensure viewers’ increased expectations are met. Contact: ir. Gonzalo Raimundo Luzardo Morocho

Content-Aware Video Quality Estimation, a real-time solution for generic perceptual video quality prediction, reaching up to 20% higher performance than traditional methods. Contact: ir. Benhur Ortiz

Image Processing and Interpretation