Two upcoming PhD defenses at IPI

Zhixin Guo public defense on October 15 at 16:00

Zhixin Guo will defend his dissertation "Occlusion Handling and Multi-Modality Fusion for Efficient Pedestrian Detection." The defense will take place entirely online.

Read the news article at UGent: Pedestrian detection via sensors even more reliable in the future?

Maarten Slembrouck public defense on October 20 at 16:00

Maarten Slembrouck will defend his dissertation "3D Reconstruction of Persons and Objects Using Multiple Cameras with Overlapping Views in the Presence of Occlusion." The defense will take place in Dutch at Auditorium Vandenhove (Paviljoen Vandenhove, campus Boekentoren, Rozier 1, 9000 Gent), followed by a reception.

Read the news article at UGent: Incomplete data need not have a major impact on the quality of 3D reconstructions.

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