Self-learning voxel-based multi-camera occlusion maps for 3D reconstruction


The quality of a shape-from-silhouettes 3D reconstruction technique strongly depends on the completeness of the silhouettes from each of the cameras. Static occlusion, due to e.g. furniture, makes reconstruction difficult, as we assume no prior knowledge concerning shape and size of occluding objects in the scene. In this paper we present a self-learning algorithm that is able to build an occlusion map for each camera from a voxel perspective. This information is then used to determine which cameras need to be evaluated when reconstructing the 3D model at every voxel in the scene. We show promising results in a multi-camera setup with seven cameras where the object is significantly better reconstructed compared to the state of the art methods, despite the occluding object in the center of the room.

International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, Proceedings