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On Tuesday 12th of June 2013, HoGent, Innovatiecentrum Oost-Vlaanderen and UNIZO organized a Labo Lounge for interested companies and researchers around Ghent. We presented some demos of our recent work followed by network possibilities.

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More information can be found here.

Boetiek Techniek 2013: Virtual Pong

A movie of the successfull edition of Boetiek Techniek 2013 with our Virtual Pong demo:

Boetiek Techniek 2013

Last year we were present at Boetiek Techniek 2012 were we build a virtual balls stall. This year, we go for something different but evenly excited. We will develop virtual Pong. Boetiek Techniek 2013 will take place on Saterday May 18th 2013 in Ghent.

More information can be found here.

Art&D 2012 - Parvis des Gentils


On November 7th the Art&D event of iMinds took place in ICC Ghent. For this event one our researchers, Maarten Slembrouck worked together with artist Vadim Vosters and architect Pieter Walraet to create a virtual presence where the shadow of a person in one place is projected somewhere else en vice versa. The Art&D event was the first time where this concept was presented. An outline of the project is given below:

The Saint-Joseph church in Ternat is looking a bit lost lately. However, this won’t last for very long now, as Vadim Vosters and Pieter Walraets intend to turn this church into a meeting place once again.
The purpose is to create a closed area in front of and around the church, a so-called contemporary “parvis des gentils”.

The floor of this parvis will be redone with reflecting white street paint, and images will be projected on this white floor. This way the church will be transformed into an attractive meeting place, which will also serve as a light beacon in the evening for people living in the neighborhood. A recent Google map of Ternat will be projected onto the parvis, overlapping an older map of the same area. From the visitor’s point of view, only a small piece of the floor will be visible, this is the portion on which the light is falling at that very moment. The visitor will be tempted to explore the rest of the projections and this will cause him to meet other visitors while walking around. The small wall around the area serves as a place for rest.
A project of Vadim Vosters, Pieter Walraet & De Nieuwe Opdrachtgevers.

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