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Welcome to IPI, the Image Processing and Interpretation Research Group of the department TELIN of the Faculty of Engineering (FirW) at Ghent University (Universiteit Gent).

IPI counts currently around 40 researchers who are doing state of the art research in the field of digital image and video processing for a wide range of applications. The research topics cover (medical) image compression and reconstruction, satellite images, (stereo) image and video segmentation and processing, and several other related areas.

Professors: Wilfried Philips, Aleksandra Pizurica, Sidharta Gautama, Bart Goossens, Peter Veelaert and Richard Kleihorst.
Post-docs: Hiep Luong, Ljubomir Jovanov, Wenzhi Liao, Danilo Babin, Ljiljana Platisa and Jan Aelterman
Technology developer: Sidharta Gautama, Ewout Vansteenkiste
Associated researcher: Patrick De Smet

IPI is part of imec.

IPI works closely together with the research group Medisip of the department ELIS and the the research group VIS/Vision Systems of the faculty Engineering Sciences.

IPI is a part of the Ghent University Centre for Advanced Light Microscopy, which facilitates high quality research in Life Sciences by providing access to advanced light microscopy infrastructure and expertise at Ghent University.

IPI is the leader of the valorisation consortium I-KNOW (intelligent information management) and participates in the valorisation consortium HyCT.

David Hestenes Prize for outstanding research on “Hypercomplex algebras for dictionary learning”

Srđan Lazendić (EA16) and Hendrik De Bie (EA16) from the Clifford Research Group and Aleksandra Pižurica (EA07) from the Image Processing and Interpretation group (imec-IPI) are recipients of the second edition of the David Hestenes Prize.

They are receiving this prize for their outstanding paper and presentation on “Hypercomplex algebras for dictionary learning” awarded at the AGACSE 2018 conference in Campinas, Brazil. The prize awarded at the opening ceremony was followed by a special plenary lecture delivered by Srđan Lazendić.

IPI research on automotive vision featured in Kanaal-Z

Traffic density levels are continuously increasing as a consequence of urbanization, posing challenges for the mobility infrastructure. Intelligent vehicles are part of the solution for this challenge. IPI is actively researching vision algorithms for smart vehicles, both for intelligent driver assistance and autonomous vehicles. Recently, our research was featured on Kanaal-Z:

SAS Imageens has signed a licensing agreement with Ghent-University IPI

SAS Imageens intends to commercialize IPI's software for cardiovascular image analysis.

Ghent University spin-off Smartivize launches an innovative shopper analytics solution based on computer vision and AI

With its first product Shopper Vision, Smartivize wants to bring innovation across the retail chain: to retailers and their suppliers (manufacturers) on one side, and to individual shoppers on the other. For retailers and their suppliers, they aim to provide real-time shopper behavior analytics that will be so detailed to put them on a par with online shops and help them increase sales efficiency. For individual shoppers, Smartivize wants to bring the online and offline world together, seamlessly augmenting offline experience with highly relevant online data.

MIT Technology Review named Vincent Spruyt one of the best inovators under 35 in Europe!

Our colleague, Dr. Vincent Spruyt is one of the four Belgians on the list of the most talented innovators in Europe. MIT Technology Review crowned 35 talented innovators and entrepreneurs out of 1100 candidates form Europe, who developed new technologies for solving societal challenges. More about this success at:

ITF Belgium 2017

IPI researchers showcased some of their latest results at the ITF Belgium 2017 edition of the worldwide series of Imec Technology Forums held 16-17 May in Antwerp, Belgium. Four interactive demos were presented:

Efficient 3D Mapping Using Lidar Technology featuring LiBorg, a 3D mapping platform allowing on the fly building 3D models with minimal human intervention, bringing savings in time and money.
Contact: ir. Michiel Vlaminck

Attila Fésus wins the Best poster Award at the FEA Research Symposium 2015.

At the 16th Ghent University FEA Research Symposium, held on Wednesday 9 December 2015, Attila Fésus was awarded the Atlas Copco Best poster Award.
Out of 77 posters, he was awarded this honor for his work titled "Paint loss detection and virtual inpainting to assist conservation of the Ghent Altarpiece (het Lam Gods)".

PANORAMA project wins Exhibition Award at the 2015 European Nanoelectronics Forum

The PANORAMA project, in which iMinds-IPI is a work package leader and one of two Belgian organizations in the project, was awarded with the Exhibition Award at the 2015 European Nanoelectronics Forum held 1-2 December in Berlin, Germany. During this yearly event, approximately 60 European funded projects were present with posters and demos. The PANORAMA project is co-funded by grants from Belgium, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, and the ENIAC Joint Undertaking, and ran from April 2012 to December 2015.

Sanne Roegiers wins 2015 IE-net master thesis prize.

For her master thesis "Ontwikkeling van een meer-assig bouwplatform voor additive manufacturing", IPI/VIS colleague Sanne Roegiers has won the finals of the 2015 IE-net prizes. She won both the prize for master theses in the category of "Industriële ingenieur" as well the press prize.

Click here to see the poster associated with this award-winning work:

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